Digitize Telecom Tower Maintenance

Learn how to digitize each stage of the tower maintenance lifecycle in this step by step guide. See the possible ROI accessible to towercos and operators that leverage the power of digitization and automation.

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The Official Guide to Digitizing Telecom Tower Maintenance

In this eBook you will learn how OpenTower iQ facilitates automation through each stage of tower lifecycle management.

Current Roadblocks for a Digitized Future

Even though owners and operators are willing to embrace digitization, the adoption is very slow. Learn why that may be. 

Four Operational and Economic Benefits of a Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a modern technology that can help solve infrastructure challenges by capturing past, present, and predicted features through the use of real-time and historical data. Learn more about the benefits.

Automation at Every Stage of the Maintenance Lifecycle

A digital twin approach to telecom tower maintenance enables a connected, continuous, and digitized lifecycle. Learn more about the digitization possible at each stage.

The ROI Made Possible through Digitization

Tower owners and operators gain access to a single source of truth that includes interactive and actionable analytics for more informed decision-making. Learn more about the the ROI possible through digitization. 

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Assistant Vice President, Geotechnology at Genesys International

Nozer Turel

"This technology brings transparency by capturing the reality from the ground and bringing it to the desktop, essentially a true digital twin that marries reality data with the BIM model."