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OpenTower iQ: The Answers to Telecom Tower Lifecycle Management

In this eBook you will learn how OpenTower iQ facilitates automation through each stage of tower lifecycle management.


Gain insights into your tower through the immersive 4D graphical experience, providing context to your visual data.


Automatically compare as-built and as-designed overlaid models to accurately assess equipment condition and occupancy.


Promote seamless intradisciplinary collaboration through OpenTower iQ’s secure cloud portal, ensuring a single source of accurate data.


Mimic telecom tower planning, including equipment swapping and space management and optimization.


Mimic telecom tower planning steps, including equipment swapping and space management and optimization.

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Assistant Vice President, Geotechnology at Genesys International

Nozer Turel

"This technology brings transparency by capturing the reality from the ground and bringing it to the desktop, essentially a true digital twin that marries reality data with the BIM model."