On-Demand Webinar

Digitizing Tower Workflows: Equipment Identification

Whether acquiring new tower inventory or simply planning for upgrades and changes, having confidence in existing equipment inventory is critical. In this 30-minute on demand webinar, watch and discover how a tower digital twin can digitize and automate the workflow associated to reconciling equipment inventory through OpenTower iQ.

Chris McClellan, Application Engineer for OpenTower iQ, walks viewers through the following:

  • Automatically identifying equipment, including properties, manufacturer and model
  • Reviewing equipment details and compare with existing data
  • Creating Space Availability and Mapping reports for planning and engineering purposes

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Webinar Speakers

Chris McClellan Headshot_125x125

Chris McClellan

Application Engineer

OpenTower, Bentley Systems

John Taylor Headshot 2

John Taylor

Business Development Manager

OpenTower, Bentley Systems